First 'racing' / learners drone - Babyhawk R ?

Started by vladtepes, Feb 12, 2019, 09:32 pm

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Before I bought my DJI, a mate recommended that I buy an Emax Babyhawk R as an introduction to learning to fly quadcopters  as opposed to a DJI drone which has lots of automation).

QuoteSrsly, go buy a Babyhawk R.... Great beginner quad.. Bounces off almost anything. I flew in an undercover car park last week, was going up and above the pipes on the roof etc.. Hit so much concrete but still flys fine.

From what I can ascertain these are tough little fpv/racing drones, with brushless motors, and are inexpensive.

I'm in Australia but this is the only EMAX site I could find

Aside from that - I don't know ANYTHING about these but if anyone else does - please share your knowledge and experience.


Is it the 2" or 3" version youre after?
Id go 3" to start with.

Emax stuff is plenty decent. Good motors and good value


Why not have a go at building a simple race quad?
If you can solder you can build it. Can be a good learning experience and there are loads of forums out there to help.

I can do it and im thick as feck!


I'll add that to the "to do" list which is at end of my already large list of projects that I have 'in progress'